Danielle Cohn
    Mar 07,2004
    Florida, United States
  • AGE
    15 years, 3 months and 13 days
  • Height
    1,47 m


Danielle Cohn is a renowned American model and social media sensation, who is best known for her single Marilyn Monroe and her numerous Musical.ly contributions. Due to her unique talent, Danielle Cohn has managed to earn a huge following on Youtube, Instagram and Musical.ly. On Instagram alone, Danielle Cohn has an outstanding 600,000 followers, while on Youtube she has more than 130,000 subscribers. 

Ever since Danielle was young, she has always been interested in music. After seeing that their daughter had a promising future in music, Danielle’s parents encouraged her to follow her passion by enrolling her, in a music school. After gaining the expertise and confidence that she desperately needed, Danielle Cohn began uploading her material onto various social media channels including YouTube and Instagram. 

Immediately after posting her first content, Danielle Cohn began receiving positive reviews mainly from her existing followers. In the process, she began to go viral and even started to earn new followers and fans in the process. 

Early Life
Born on March 7, 2004, Danielle Cohn spent most of her childhood years in Florida, US. After Cohn was kicked out of her father’s house, she began using the Musical.ly app as a way of clearing her mind. While messing with the application for quite some time, Danielle Cohn eventually managed to get her first feature.